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Choose The Type Of Property That Fits Your Personality And Needs

October 30, 2014 // by Zelda

seaside view

Each and every one of us dreams of a summer holiday on an exotic island. If you want the best holidays and want to invest in this department, the best idea is to buy property in Sal or Cape Verde and celebrate the most amazing vacations there. This is a beautiful island in the Cape Verde archipelago and in the past years its popularity has started to grow vertiginous. New buildings are waiting for new owners and you have a lot of options:

  1. A beautiful apartment in a residential complex

If you want a nice apartment, where you can stay with your family for the summer holiday, choose one of the hundreds of suites available to purchase. The buildings are new and you have the possibility to buy a flat that will come with all new furniture. It isn’t very expensive and is the best hideout for you and your family after a sunny day on the beach.

  1. Find your own luxurious mansion with a sea view

If you are more extravagant and have a bigger budget, why not take a look at the amazing beach houses, furnished and with glass walls. The infinite pools that come with these breathtaking houses will make the difference and no one can say “no” to something like this.

  1. Why not build your house from scratch

If you are adventurous and have an amazing vision, find the most beautiful piece of land and hire an architect to design your dream house. Made from glass, with translucent ceilings and indoor pools, anything is possible and it can be yours. Sal offers you any possibility and you will feel like it is heaven on earth.